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Super fast location search powered by Algolia

Turn any HTML input into a high-performance, instant location lookup. Combine our United States, UK, Channel Islands & Republic of Ireland data set with Algolia's powerful front-end components to create rich location search experiences.

How does it work?

High-quality data + high-performance delivery

PlacesAPI works like your own pre-populated Algolia account. Within the limits of your API keys you can use our Algolia indexes as though they were your own, integrating with any of Algolia's tools and libraries that work best for you.

For back-end location search and reverse geocoding you can use any of Algolia's well supported API clients which are available for PHP, Ruby, Python, Java, Go and others. We also provide a REST API of our own.


Instant location autocomplete

Whether you need a simple town lookup, complex multi-source searches connected to InstantSearch or reverse geocoding for your back-end, we've got you covered.

Comprehensive data

Our search index covers multiple countries and contains many useful fields including full latitude & longitude coordinates, zip / postal codes, elevation and more.

Flexible & scalable

PlacesAPI is built on Algolia which provides exceptional performance and scalability. Algolia front-end components with our high-quality data is a powerful combination.

Search around a point

Optionally rank results by distance from a single lat/long coordinate. This is useful for sorting results closest to a user or showing nearby places. You can even control the search radius.

Multiple sources

Combine our search index with your own data to provide unique combined search experiences. Especially useful for multi-location businesses such as restaurants and hotels.

Algolia Autocomplete

We recommend Algolia's Autocomplete library. It's a robust implementation of typeahead done right and is the perfect companion for searching our data with JavaScript.

Algolia InstantSearch

Quickly add a custom location widget to your InstantSearch integration with support for ranking by (and displaying) distance, limiting the search radius in miles or km, and more.

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