Algolia Places is closing. We can help.


What is PlacesAPI? #

PlacesAPI is a geocoding service that provides a fast and easy way to add location search autocomplete to your websites and apps. We also provide a REST API for back-end search and reverse geocoding.

PlacesAPI is built on top of the excellent Algolia platform. This allows us to offer exceptional performance and scalability and opens up the complete Algolia ecosystem to developers. Within the limits of your API keys, you can use our Algolia indexes as though they were your own, integrating in whatever way you wish (see demos).

Algolia Places Migration #

Algolia Places is closing down in 2022.

If you've used Algolia Places to find locations at city level or above, PlacesAPI is an ideal alternative to consider when this service is turned off. Since our service also uses Algolia, migrating from Algolia Places is simple, especially for InstantSearch integrations, and you can be sure to get the same amazing Algolia performace you're used to.

- See our demos for a range of front-end implementations

- See our Algolia InstantSearch demo for creating location and radius widgets